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Tile Types and Donations

plant tile: $1500
insect tile: $500

When you see a tile you would like to dedicate in any of the six sections, please contact Suzanne Ullensvang to
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sullensvang@ucdavis.edu / (530)752-8324

Nature's Gallery wall

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Thanks to the broad base of community support, Nature’s Gallery will forever be a place of beauty and education on the UC Davis campus. Much of the funding for the installation of this project came from the gifts we received for tile dedications from donors like you!

If you would like to support this project there are still a few tiles available for dedication.

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To find out about other opportunities in support of this project, please contact Suzanne Ullensvang via email at sullensvang@ucdavis.edu or by telephone at (530) 752-8324.


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Nature's Gallery Tile Dedications

rendering of Nature's Gallery


Fresh from its debut at the US Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, the UC Davis Nature’s Gallery ceramic mosaic mural courtyard will—with your help—find its permanent home in the UC Davis Arboretum.


The UC Davis Nature’s Gallery ceramic mosaic mural is a stunning work of art composed of over 140 tiles—hand-crafted by students, staff, faculty, and community members—each showcasing diverse drought-tolerant plants or insects found in the Arboretum’s Ruth Risdon Storer Garden.


Appropriately situated between the UC Davis Arboreum's Ruth Risdon Storer Garden and its Teaching Nursery, the mural will emerge as the prominent focal point for an inviting tree-lined courtyard designed to highlight the Arboretum’s western entrance.  (See the artist’s rendition of the courtyard with the mural above.)  Beyond its distinction as a beautiful new entry feature to the Arboretum’s west end, Nature’s Gallery will also serve as an integral part of UC Davis campus’s interdisciplinary youth and adult education programs.


We invite you to be part of making this permanent installation possible by dedicating a tile or making a donation to support this high-profile and unique project intended not only to showcase the talents of those artists and educators involved in its creation, but the generosity and support of our benefactors.  (Please note that a wall located adjacent to the mural will feature the names of our sponsors and dedicatees.)

Dedicate or Donate Now

Call now to dedicate your tile or make a donation to this one-of-a-kind project!  You can reach Suzanne Ullensvang via email at sullensvang@ucdavis.edu or by telephone at (530) 752-8324.  She can answer any questions you may have or review details about specific tiles—anything from your interest in a specific plant or insect type to its location on the wall!

If you prefer, you may also fax or mail in your dedication request or donation by downloading and filling in this form. (Please note that for your convenience you can type directly into the form fields. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)

Since a signature is required on the form, we ask that you mail or fax it in to us. Our fax number is: (530) 752-5796 and our mailing address is UC Davis Arboretum, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616.

More Information

Nature's Gallery brochure coverpdf symbolClick here to download our brochure.