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Mosaic Oak Tree
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price: $1500

To dedicate/donate contact Suzanne Ullensvang:

sullensvang@ucdavis.edu / (530)752-8324

Dedicate a Mosaic Tree Plaque

Mosaic Oak Tree Plaque Dedications


The Arboretum is pleased to offer mosaic oak tree plaques in the Peter J. Shields Oak Grove for dedication. Since the plaques were installed in the Oak Grove in 2009, we’ve seen how children’s imaginations are sparked by the whimsical portrayals of jays, deer, and insects. The colorful plaques have already become a treasured feature of the stately grove and the Arboretum’s educational programs.  

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Oak tree plaque thumbnails Persian oak white oak chinkapin oak dwarf chinkapin oak bur oak English oak sand post oak Persian oak bur oak Texas red oak Texas live oak Chisos red oak blue oak Vasey shin oak gray oak mesa oak encino blanco encino chicharron netleaf oak encino de Chalma encino tesmol cozahuatl encino tesmolillo Macedonian oak Turkish oak southern coast live oak cork oak Palestine oak Brandegee oak holly oak coast live oak island oak kermes oak oak of Tabor Portuguese oak



Each mosaic tree plaque is a striking portrait of an oak tree, bringing alive the story of its unique leaves, acorns, bark, and the animals that share its life. UC Davis entomology students and community members worked with the Art-Science Fusion Program in fall 2009 to hand-craft these beautiful ceramic plaques for 35 oak trees along the paths.


The Peter J. Shields Oak Grove is located in the west end of the Arboretum, near the Gazebo, the Arboretum Teaching Nursery, and Nature’s Gallery Court. The mosaic tree plaques are located along the Oak Discovery Trail and Oak Diversity Trail, two branches of a walking path that winds through scenic areas of the grove. Each plaque is associated with a specific oak tree along the trail.  

Click here to view the location on the UC Davis campus map.

Click here to view the Shields Oak Grove map. (Requires Acrobat Reader).


Dedicating a tree plaque along the Peter J. Shields Oak Grove supports the Arboretum’s education programs for children and families. Each oak tree plaque dedication includes a 12’ x 1.5” ceramic tile engraved with your custom inscription and mounted on the lower front face of the mosaic tree plaque.  Gifts are fully tax-deductible.

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For questions or to dedicate a tree plaque, contact Suzanne Ullensvang via email at sullensvang@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-8324.